Virus Removal with PC Tuneup

If your desktop or laptop is getting annoying pop-ups, isn’t running the way it used to, or is slowing you down, we can fix it. Tech4Dixie will search and remove all Viruses, Malware, Spyware, Adware, Rootkits, and Hijackers from your system. Included in this service is a PC tune-up to make sure everything is clean and running smoothly. We can remove any unwanted/unneeded programs as well. We’ll even install antivirus software and schedule it for weekly scans to help it stay clean, all for just $45.

Custom Built PCs

Let Tech4Dixie build a custom computer for you that is designed for your needs and budget. Whether you’re looking for a high end gaming PC, run graphic intensive programs, or just need a stable work horse for general use, we can built it. Just tell us your budget and what you'll be using it for. Tech4Dixie can bring your entertainment, productivity, and creativity to new levels with a custom built computer. Custom built PC’s are $90 plus the cost of parts and software.


We can design, setup, or upgrade your home or small office network. We can also diagnose and correct problems with existing networks. Tech4Dixie has you covered on everything from file and device sharing, to setting up a wireless guest network for your customers. Home and small office networking is $45/hr, plus the cost of any required equipment, hardware, or software.

PC Service and Repair

If your computer has stopped working for any reason, a part is broken, or you want to upgrade components or software, Tech4DixieTech4Dixie can get you back up to speed. We do it all, simply tell us what the problem is, and we can fix it. Any desktop or laptop computer service not mentioned above is covered here at $35/hr plus the cost of any required parts, hardware, or software.


  • Virus Removal with PC Tune-up - $45
  • Custom Built PC’s - $90 + Parts & Software Cost
  • Networking - $45 per Hour + Parts & Software Cost
  • PC Service and Repair - $35 per Hour

If you have questions, email Tech4Dixie

Windows 7 Migration

Important Information: Microsoft to stop support of Windows XP

As of April 8, 2014 Microsoft will officially stop supporting Windows XP, including automatic updates that help protect your PC. If you continue to use Windows XP after support ends, your computer will still work but it might become more vulnerable to security risks and viruses. Also, as more software and hardware manufacturers continue to optimize for more recent versions of Windows, you can expect to encounter greater numbers of apps and devices that do not work with Windows XP. If you still run Windows XP, contact Tech4Dixie about upgrading to make sure you continue to get the vital updates from Microsoft that keeps your computer safe.